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· Honor and Respect our Mother and Father and put our Families our top priority.

· Give back to the community and not just take from our community.

· Never charge another O.G. for a hair cut.

· Be a person of Good Reputation.

· Learn from your mistakes. It is only a fool who does not learn from his or her mistakes.

· Be a person of wisdom. A person of wisdom is a person that is slow to speak and quick to listen

· Be a person of balance. Establish a good philosophy concerning life. Be cool, calm and collected, Have a clear focus on life and stay physically, spiritually and psychologically oriented.

Class of 1995

Michelle Abell

Earl Goree

Vici Neal

Song Pang

Kyong Romo

Lawrence Taylor

Jeong Wilkinson

Bryant Lawson

John Christophe

Charles Carr

Hyo Waltman

Tyrone Murphy

Inger Frye

Tina Smith

James Pirelo

Hae Suk Martin

Numi Hunt

Eddy Duckens

Reginald Mcdowell

Kevin Robinson

Bong Hayman

Kyung Dennis

Eric Snell

Jackie Moore

Darnell Jones

Elizabeth Rodrigues

Class of 1996

Ralph Thompson

Eluteria Garcia

Chad Cotton

Steven Butler

Aurapin Hotakainen

Yong Kim

Verges Collins

Derrick Sutton

Chong Hensley

Ja Ja Gilbert

Felicia Trigs

Amanda Romo

Matthew Harvey

Johnny Mcclain

Ok Nan Holt

Lawrence Ezell

Kevin Lane (i)

Class of 1997

Colette Sterling

Ramona Hawkins

Christopher Martino

Mi Suk Machado

Alvin Carr

Shannon Strampe

Robert Williams

Leonard Hudson

Dorie m. Wallace

Tony Brown

John J. Wren

Yong Shin

David Martinez

Monty E. Francis

Edgardo l. Echevarria

Da Shawn Mc Mannus

Karen Johnson

Jimmy T. Evans

Curtis Evans

Class of 1998

Angela H. Mejias

Preston G. Kay

Kim K. Sun

S.B. Rogers

Walterman Graves

Kevin T. Harrison

Ismail Abdul-Wali

Reginald T. Mathis

Sean J. Bell

Mi Young Anson

Shanta E. Green

Wilford E. Dennis

Lonnie Davis

Mike V. Wright

Roy Pinner

Sung H. Lee

Kyung H. Landrum

Byron Evans

William l. Klein

Darick Lamont Jones

Class of 1999

Elgrick l. Tatum

Leroy M. Scott

Jonathan Lee

Lance E. Bowers

Ivan Le Blanc

Rochelle Tompkins

Nazanzo Hill

Cedric Woodkins

April Rios

Anthony Taylor

Milton Reid

Demetrius Parker

Pom Suk Kim

Sherry Dlouht

Sammie Anderson

Class of 2000

Lasedrick D. Rogers

Jerry Shaw

Janel Johnson

Sung H. Bingle

James L. McBride

Derrick Allen

Canthon Tripplett

Moon Jung Risenberg

Milton Reid (i)

Everitt J. Bryant

Marcis Black

David Haywood

Aubrey A. Ballard

George T. Murphy

Robert M. Milam

Kyle Chapmond

Kelley J. Warren

Kenneth l. Burgess

Nathaniel Bivens

Wiley J. Robinson

Jose Perez

Curtis Patterson

Goudarz Karimkhani

Class 2001

Ryan l. Nieman

Leon A. Hamilton

Vivian Murphy

Tona Yarbrough

Timothy Parker

Cynthia Graham

Willian Carey

Sonya Armstrong

Jimmy Crawford

Tracey Millener

Nicolas Sheppard

Yon Hui Rivera

Son M. Medina

David Henderson

Steven Carter

Derrick Young

Adrian Wilkerson

Young Soon Jung

Lee Gaston

Kwang Suk Frausto

Class of 2002

Deena Figueroa

Willie Eastland

William C. Taylor

Larry Oliver

Gregory Fields

A.J. Reeves

William Gill

Chong Berger

Quincy Mccoy

Shatik Gill

Antoine Estelle

Sophit Towns

Stephon Taylor

Demetrius Pleasant

Cornell Mckinney

Kwang Maxwell

Otis Lockhart

Stephen Adams

Rickey Price

Antrone Durant

Class of 2003

Delores Bell

Deonte Bell

Adrian Bess

Calvin Brathcher

Richard Chaffe

Antrone Durant

Fierro Francisco

Umoja Gibson

Lennis Hayes

Brian Haywood

Benjamin Herring

Johnnie Hunt

Broderick James

Robert Johnson

Cornell Mckinney

Thadious Moxley

Michael Pollard

Ricky Price

Joe Ramirez

Cedric Sanderlin

Brian Searles

Quasim Sturdivant

Carone Taylor

Raefel Walton

Treena Williams

Rodney Williams

Randy Wright

Class of 2004

Sekayi Herrera

Melvin Williams

Kyoung Mi Mercado

John Fouts

Kenneth Bates

Philemon Blevins

Terrence Curtis

Lenis Hayes

Lakisha Holmes

Mano James

William Jones

Keith Long

Nakyung Lee

Damion Moore

Wanda Padilla

Crystina Ratliff

Todd Stanford

Catrina Ringo

Daryl White

Tony White

Kenneth Wiley

Montoya Buhl

Class of 2005

Anthony Brown

Samuel Benson

Chong Agosto

Usanee Boonsuwan

Marcus Bowers

Christopher Miles

Rolando Locke

Chong Lee

Earnest Landrum

Rashad Davis

James Davis

Suk Ja Combs

Antonio Conner

Shawn Vaughns

Ki Suk Petty

Miquell Penquite

Brandon Paynther

John Huerta

Mi Yong Lavoie

Darrin Chatman

Howard Hee Sant

Guiran Meyers

Anderson Danns

Christopher Bailey

Class of 2006

Soung Ravotti

Rafael Berastain

Myong Mccune

Izaelle Clark

Jamaio Sauls

Michael Cox

Christopher Moore

Suk Belamour

Michael Mota

Sun Morris

Ernest Moore

Chae Lambert

Jermaine Jackson

John Glover

Steven Sanchez

Class of 2007

Dong Gyu Kang

Jeong Beyer

James Williamson

Song Nolan

Mark Langston

Anthony Lewis

Marion Saunders

Charles Miles

James Plowden

Class of 2009

Myong Brown

Lavon Byrd

Chong Suk Copple

Pablo Duarte

Michael Delgado

Devan Ellison

Jaime Gonzalez

Maria Hernandez

Jason Jones

Dyshawn Jubilee

Jessica Medina

Charles Miles

Fabian Ortiz

James Plowden

Eric Richmond

Jaime Santiago

D’var Shilo

Andrea Shofner

Marion Saunders

John Terry



Ollie Weaver

Gilbert Torres

Margaret Weaver

Kevin Lane

George Ellis

Milton Reid

Dierdre M. Bass

Rickey Price

Honorable Mentions

Julie Lee

Catherine Salter

Deborah Void

Stacia Morton-Morris

Reba Flakes

Connie Oaks

Tara Flakes

Anita Reagan

Class of 2008

Kendrick Jones

Shana Jones

Jamale Lamay

Myong Leftwich

Donna Maglott

Kevin Melendez

Melaine Romo

Jonathan Toro

Kristopher Williams

· Treat each other with dignity and respect.

· Never destroy our bodies by doing illegal drugs of any kind.

· Never drink alcohol in excess.

· Be a person of Conviction, integrity and truth.

“Unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything!”

Rev. Peter Marshall 1947


Class 2010

Jeremy Alfred

Willie Anderson

John M. Barron (Instructor)

Tamarcus Coleman

Jean Counts

Fernando Cubano

Ryan Dzialga

Charles Finley

Elijah Harris

Arthur Harris-Walker

Gayle Hunter

Robert Johnson

Mi H. Ko

Johnny Lewis

Cristian Mendez

Michael Moore

Vance Murphy

Thomas Penn

David Petty

Young Sun Ra

Chariese Rider

Chase Roussell

Mitchell Smith

Stephon Taylor (Instructor)

Wandee Waterhouse

Greg Wolff

CLASS 2011

Keith Boyens

Kaya Jensen

Seul Ah Lee

Keith Pullens

Jonathan Rodriguez

Debbie Thomas

William Vaughan

Enrico Wideman


Barber School In Harker Heights