Back to School Fresh Cut

Every youth deserves to look his/her best as a student on the first day of school.

Going to the next grade can be exciting and new which the exact experience we want to provide students with. Something New!backtoschoolED

Anything from a high top fade to a number one can set the standard for the year. Here we can create a whole new look that works well with personality and reflects creativity of the youth.

So here are a few things to think about before taking your child to the barbershop for back to school.


-When children visit family members and change environments sometimes they miss those experiences in the beginning of the school year. Ask your child if they made any friends or spent time with a family member that they would like to get a similar hair cut to, just to remain connected.


-Listen to what they have to say about what it is they wish to gain out of this school year. What kind of friends do they want to have? Understand the new culture of their generation and whats in style. We provide unique cuts that cater to each individual whether they want to stand out or blend in as a choice.


-Elementary school kids are taught to be responsible in the classrooms and are fully capable of carrying that attitude inside the home. We answer questions on the spot as to how to up keep styles and cuts provided here for your child to maintain responsibility of their own appearance. When do they need a new cut and how often is a great way to get them ready for the world and less pressure of upkeep for the parent.

Every Barber here would like to congratulate back to school students on striving for education and make your experience the best with style while keeping you updated on the latest trends.

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