How to Dread Hair Easily

It can be hard to manage hair especially if it has grown to a certain length. Many of those who want to keep their hair at a certain length and low maintenance at the same time resort to dreadlocks. Creating dreadlocks takes a certain level of skill and ability, but there are ways you can perform the task at home with nothing more than the stuff you have lying around your home and your bathroom. If you want to learn how to dreadlock your hair, then these easy steps should get you going.

  1. Grow Your Hair – When planning on creating dreadlocks, you should consider the length. The length of your hair while it’s still un-dreaded will be significantly reduced when you finally create dreads. As a general rule, your dreadlocks will be three times shorter than your natural hair. You should first grow your hair out as long as you can before you create dreadlocks if you want to come up with a long haired look. If you want to just get your hair out of the way regardless of length, you can dread your hair as soon as it grows beyond your shoulders.
  2. Train Your Hair – Dreading your hair will take a certain amount of training. You might have to spend a few weeks just prepping your hair for the ordeal. To start, braid your hair and keep it that way for a few weeks. Wash it and rinse it properly but do not apply any conditioner and moisturizer throughout the training. Depending on your skin type, you should increase or reduce the number of washes you perform in a week. Oily hair needs to be washed at least once a day to keep oil in check.
  3. Dread Your Hair – Dreading your hair can be done after a few weeks of hair training. After removing the braids, you can back brush each bundle of hair with a metal brush. This means you will have to take a comb and brush the strands back towards the scalp. This might be painful for some individuals so it’s best to make sure that you have someone on stand-by to help massage and soothe your scalp throughout the process. Make sure that you brush your hair back only until the tops of the braids, leaving a short length of hair close to the root un-teased.

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