Keeping Up With the Your Barber Tools

As a barber, it is important that you not only have the skills and training, but also the you have the right barber tools. If you want to make sure that your clients keep coming back, it is important for you to have the necessary barber tools on hand to complete any hairstyle or grooming look that your client is looking for. Staying current with the latest barber tools is not always easy, but there are a few tools that you need to start with. If you have the basics, you can keep adding to your barber tool collection until you have everything that you could possibly need.

Here are the latest barber tools that you must have:

Electric Clipper

You can’t be a professional barber without a great pair of electric clippers. Clippers really are a must have barber tool if you are going to be grooming men, You can use clippers in a variety of different settings depending on the length of hair that you want to cut off. This is one of the first tools that you should get as a barber and it is always a good idea to invest in a really great set of clippers. You want a quality set because you will get a lot of use out of your clippers.


Just because you will be using your electric clippers when cutting hair does not mean that you will not need scissors. You are still going to need a pair of professional scissors if you want to be barber that is taken seriously. You will need two pairs of sheers. One will be used to add volume to hair cuts and the other will be used to make sure that hair is cut at the perfect length.

Straight Razor

You also can’t be a professional barber if you do not have a straight razor with you. This is a barber tool that you need to have because it is what you will use to clean the back of the neck for the majority of the clients that come walking through your door. This is a barber tool that you will need to use over and over again, so you need to be sure that you have a high quality straight razor that you can keep using over and over again without it wearing at a really rapid rate. This is a must have barber tool.

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